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#516 Slight Change in Pace

Posted by Kanzeon on 02 February 2014 - 07:21 AM

I was unsure about placing this in the announcement section. Not looking to make a big deal of it, but I'd like for it to get out there.

Tuesday, February 11th will be my last full day as part of the DareGamer staff. This has been planned for about half a month, but I hadn't picked a date until yesterday.

Realize that this does not mean the server will be shut down. It just means that I won't be in control of anything anymore.

To the displeasure of some:

I will still be playing the game, though. Most likely under the same name, but I'm not sure how that will work out yet.

Anyway... As life-draining as much of this has been, I can't say it wasn't enjoyable at times. And for those times: Thank you, everyone.

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#515 The Pro's And Con's about this server

Posted by Punisher911 on 01 February 2014 - 08:35 PM

Do not get offended or say I'm complaining, These are just straight up facts about the game





- Easy to level from level 1-80

- E/E Rate is a little better

- The exp rate is nicer than SoF

- No Abyss Case

- Everyone talks and PK's

- GM's are really nice 

- Promo Quests are easy :)

- Gold is easily obtained

- Document Chests give 115 Ability books,GSC,CoP, Charm 15%, And level 80 Assist Buff         Books for Bowmen,Spearmen, And Swordmen and possibly Ninja

- You can view house list easily

- The chat box is not bugged like the other private servers out there

- Honor is easy to obtain

- 25 Hour buffs Worldwide, Greatest idea ever

- Worldwide Trade Chat, Very good idea too I like it alot You should change it to Shout          though it is easier to see and the colour is nice ^^




- It has become harder to level do to the past updates

- E/E rate is really bad with Highest Saphire,Emerald,Ruby

- Chaos is really overpowered compared to Order

- The drop rate is low needs to be higher a little bit

- Party level shouldn't matter in a private server you should be able to party any level

- The Document chest luck rate for 115 books is drastically low I think its at least like 10%  luck chance of you getting a 115 book and almost impossible to get a 80 Buff book for       Sword,Bows, Spears

- Honor does not give stats

- No one does Events too often

- Holly's Gem's need to get fixed



I will keep adding Con's if I see any guys so I can keep you all updated =]



Anyways Thumbs up if you like what I said, If not then leave a comment and we will talk ! :D

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#414 The End of Open Beta

Posted by Kanzeon on 16 January 2014 - 05:34 PM

Today (16th of January) at 11 PM UTC (6 PM EST, 6 AM Jakarta time) the Open Beta Test of DareFate will be ending.

We greatly appreciate the help with testing. A sample of bugs that we have been informed of to try fixing:

- The incomplete mobs throughout the game. (Do not die, or have excessive HP and give no experience.)
- The general mob population. (There will be more added to many maps.)
- The auto attacks will be fixed again. (It's my fault they got broken. >.>)
- The character "ghosting." i.e. Being present in multiple maps after teleporting.

   (If we can fix this, hopefully it helps with the client lag after some playtime.)
- Items that seem not to drop (e.g. Daggers formerly) will be added to the drop table.

Along with a handful of other reports that have been made.

The live release is scheduled for the 25th of January. A countdown will be added to the homepage when a time is decided on.


~The DareGamer Team

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#15 Venatorius

Posted by Dai on 02 November 2013 - 07:36 PM



Okay , old Venatorius is too much for me to handle so I've decided to change a couple things and make things a little more simple. We are a mix faction house and accept every Order and Chaos member!

Rules :

1. Respect everybody, housemates, other players, etc.

2. You can PK if you want, its an integral part of the game you can't get away from it no matter what, just don't drag us into any unneeded wars.

3. English only in the house chat and no flooding or spamming.

4. If anyone catches you botting, hacking, cheating, etc, you will be kicked and banned from the house as well as reported.

5. Inactivity is a no-no, if you are offline for more than a week I will boot you. 3 strikes max.

6. Do not Defect, if you leave Venatorius, you better have a reason, if you leave more than twice you will not be welcomed back.

7. Our allies are our Family, they should be treated like it, they take preference in parties, and if they have an issue with someone we will help resolve it.

House Roster:

Leader: MrDai , InsaneFlames
Vice Leaders:  Fatalizy , Tomten
Financial Elder: Ahri

Legislative Elder: YourSoSexy 




RaiXo's House

(Any enemies will be marked by levels)
(Level 1 - Do not buff, Do not party, Ignore.)


(Level 2 - Do not buff, Do not party, Kill on sight.)


During Authority Clash and Faction War houses are no longer labeled, I expect my housemates to hold their faction high and fight no matter the house/ally status.

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#408 Venatorius

Posted by Insinuation on 15 January 2014 - 01:00 AM

Don't ask me what the conversation was about lmao



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#370 F.A.Q about Dare (Ingame)

Posted by Kanzeon on 19 December 2013 - 01:35 AM

Going straight down the list:


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#204 Not really in effect anymore?

Posted by Dai on 25 November 2013 - 05:47 AM

would be 100% okay for this to be deleted

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#9 Welcome back, DareGamer!

Posted by Kanzeon on 02 November 2013 - 07:19 PM

Well I'd love to start out with saying welcome back to those of you who are back to give DG another chance. We know it's been a long time, and felt like an even longer one. I hope I can speak for all of the staff when I say how sorry I/we are about the disappearance. As some of you who followed things more closely know: Times were incredibly tough. Hopefully, though, enough time has passed for us to be through all of that. That being said, it would be fantastic for everyone to see the past as the past.


For those of you who are new to DareGamer: A brand new "Welcome!" New faces are always appreciated. This is a community that I've known to shine above all others. I'm certain you can find some place to fit into and be happy. If you have any questions, just ask and there's bound to be someone diving in to give an answer.



As a temporary message to those early birds, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait a while yet before things go live. You, or maybe the little birdy who told you about us sort of preemptively stumbled upon something leading to us...and, well...here you are now. So just be patient. We're doing all we can, and trying to do it right.



Now that all of that's out of the way: Enjoy the [re]birth of DareGamer!


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#746 Weekly Screenshot Event!

Posted by Shitty on 28 August 2014 - 03:41 PM

Greetings players there will now be a weekly Screenshot Event every week for 3 months. Starting each Monday players will have to submit a screenshot for the weekly screenshot theme! Everyone that has one there screenshot will be posted under my post, and will be a record permanently! I will start this weeks off late.
Week 1 (8/25~8/31) Theme : Pirate 
Winner: KenJi
Winners Picture:


 Week 2  (9/1-9/7)  Theme - Assassin 
1. The screenshot must be your own and not from someone else.
2. Post only 1 screenshot per week.
3. If you won this week you cannot join the week after (a winner cannot win twice in a row)
4. You may re-size the screenshots but please don't edit them. (this way it will be fair for everyone)

Post must contain :

In-game name:
Screenshot (may be direct link):

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#567 Gamer used bug

Posted by KuroYuki on 15 February 2014 - 06:28 AM

one week not online and this game become like this? 900 rubies? LMAO

and whose this Ahri? i saw her using this 2 weeks ago


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#561 Valentine's Day Events!

Posted by Tomten on 13 February 2014 - 05:59 PM

Hello Everyone!


I am going to make 2 events tomorrow on Friday the 14th. Planing to do 1 Guess the Song and then a Hide and Seek with prizes of course! What its gonna be yet i havent decided but it will hopefully be something good ;).


So First event (Guess the Song) is gonna take place in CV at 6 Pm (GMT +1), 10 Am (PST).


And second one (Hide and Seek) is gonnta take place at 11 Pm (GMT +1), 2 Pm (PST)


Hope to see you all there!




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#430 do bow blue crits work

Posted by Kalchei on 19 January 2014 - 08:10 AM

From what I saw from a friend, they do seem to work yes.

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#407 Venatorius

Posted by Pixel on 15 January 2014 - 12:37 AM

o: hello~

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#4 DareGamer F.A.Q.

Posted by Kanzeon on 01 November 2013 - 01:06 AM

This is just a small FAQ to help you figure out a few things you might have wanted to know about. The FAQ will be updated as needed.

Q: Who runs this server?
A:  Joost, better known as Zolero is the founder and owner of the server.
     Alan, better known as Phant0m is one of the founders and an administrator.

Q: Where is the server located?
A:  Montréal, Canada.

Q: What is the server time?
A:  The server runs on UTC -0400.

Q: When will DareFate be back up?
A:   The final release is scheduled for the 25th of January at 9 PM UTC (4 PM EST, 4 AM Jakarta time).

Q: Are GM applications open?
A:  Not at this time.

Q: I am having problems with [INSERT GENERIC PROBLEM HERE].
A:  Please post in the Technical Support section of the appropriate game or contact one of the staff members in-game or through the Contact Us form here.

Q: Where can I download Fate?
A:  Once made available, you can download DareFate at the DF download page here.

Q: What version of Fate do we have?
A:  8.0

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#374 Setup download available

Posted by Zolero on 28 December 2013 - 02:13 PM

Our client is available for download. Please visit our downloads page for the link.


 61h7y.png    DareFate_FULL_SETUP.exe - 1.48 GB




We recommend you to download and install our game using the "Full Setup" to be sure your client is fully updated.



Since our server is running version 8.0 you may want to use your existing client if you have one installed already. You can use our "Manual Patch".

61h56.png    DareFate_Patcher.zip - 1.75 MB


You can use your existing client by copying for example 'C:\NetGame\ScionsOfFate\' to 'C:\DareGamer\Fate\' including /datas/ and /client/ folder. Once the folders are copied you

can extract 61h56.png  "DareFate_Patcher.zip" into your copied folder.




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#365 F.A.Q about Dare (Ingame)

Posted by Kalchei on 18 December 2013 - 10:10 AM


~If your question has not been answered, post it here~

Question in Bold

Answer in Italic

Q: When will DareFate be released?
There hasn't been a definite date.


The general goal is to release before the end of the year. That may be limited to just the beta release if there's more problems than we're expecting.
Q: Will there be Abyss Case?
It has been strongly encouraged to leave it out of the game. There was a rather large debate about it in previous versions, too. I know at least Rob and myself were prepared to leave completely if it were kept in.
The topic came up briefly early in this version, and Zolero said he agreed that it shouldn't be added.
Q: What will be new in DareFate?
We do have Garden Plains. At the moment, though, it's somewhat similar to what Tiger Valley was like in 5.0. Meaning mobs are organized in very large groups that are widespread across the map. We'll probably have this taken care of by the time we launch. If not, we'll open it up shortly after.
Q: What's happening in terms of PvP?
Although, at this very moment, CV is hardcoded not to allow PvP. Once I find that, I'll be disabling it, though.
We have a setting that's more...applicable to the desired result. Minimum PvP level (this applies to both attacker and target)  is easily adjustable. Thinking of making it 60. If that seems to be a bad number, it can be changed again.
On topic: I'm open for suggestions and reasoning for a good level. If nothing convincing shows up, I'll stick with 60.
If it makes you feel better: We have settings available to us that will give PKers much more incentive to attack players of higher levels. I'll leave details to the imagination for now. Maybe they'll come up in other conversations. ;p
Q: Will Bows and Healers have an AoE?
An update on the skill situation:
Healers do get an AoE. However, it isn't until 130. 115 and 120 are all single target skills. The party heal is also functional, provided you are targeting yourself and not a party member.
Unfortunately, the Bow AoE skills are completely unusable. We'll do whatever we can to get them fixed, but that could be a very long process, and will most likely be started well after the server is opened.
Edit and Update:
Not as critical of a problem, but skill combos are still broken. I don't think this is important enough to focus on early, but if we run out of things to do, it could get looked into.
Q: Max Level?
No max has been decided on as far as I know. Before that's done, we'll have to see what the highest monster / boss level is. We could set a hard cap, but I think that would only be necessary if monsters were high enough for people to be able to reach 255.
The rule of thumb, though: Max level = Highest NPC level + 11. So maybe it'll happen to be 161 or so here? But that's not written in stone.
Q: What about quests?
Quests will be a research task for a later time.
Q: Does Authority Clash work?
Yes, Authority Clash (Faction War) works. With two very minor, very temporary issues: Inconsistent name references (Faction War in some texts, Authority Clash in others); and victor bosses not having drops (which is literally like a five minute fix, just keeps getting put off until later).
Q: Do House Wars work?
Similar answer: House Wars also work, with minor issues (possibly). One being that it runs solely on a timer, and the whole timer must be waited out. So let's say, for example, house A kills all of house B members with three minutes remaining in the war. Those three minutes would just be full of people sitting around and talking or something. The second issue is intended to fix this: An adjustment to respawn all house members at their house spawn when the entire house is killed. The project just hasn't been started yet.
Q: Will we be able to apply House Insignias?
House insignias seem to not be working (the database gets the information, but the client just doesn't show the insignias). I'm not sure if this will be fixed anytime soon or not.
Q: Do we find our own gear from mob drops/chest drops? (It increases the value of the accessories and mob only drops)
Q: Are the catacombs available?
Catacombs: They will most likely be available, but monsters have not yet been placed in them. I'm not sure if it was just overlooked, or if there's other plans for it. It's possible that they will be added later with slightly lower rates (to discourage hermit training). No final word yet.
Q: Will the E/E % be as brutal as SoF ?
No. E/E rates will be quite a bit higher than NetGame, but nothing along the lines of 100% [10]s.
Q: How many of the costumes are available?
Too many.
Q: Will we be able to transfer the citrines from costume to house uniform?
I don't believe so. However this may be changed, or enchanted HUs may be used as event rewards. A useless equipment slot seems like such a waste, and will thus be avoided.
Q: Will the Ki rate make saving for skills unneeded?
I don't believe Ki will be much of an issue for people. At least not on the scale that it is in NetGame.
Q: Will the Gold rate make the economy ridiculous?
There are plans for having need for gold. This may not be noticeable until players start reaching higher levels, though. Working for "the best gear" will be costly.
Q: Does the friends list work?
The friends list and messenger / carrier pigeons do not work. I don't think these will be fixable, at least not in a timely manner. Don't expect to see them, but don't go crazy if they get announced.
Q: Is the marketplace stable enough for people to buy/sell goods? (In HoF it was broken as hell)
I'm assuming this is the server-sided marketplace... I'm very unfamiliar with the system (honestly, a glance at it looked more like an auction house). I don't believe it has even been tested. As a precaution, it will most likely be disabled to prevent item loss or anything of the sort. May be researched, patched, and enabled, but no promises.
Q: Does the player shop work?
Yes, player shops work. There was an issue with gold not being payed / received, but this has been fixed. Now that that's true, the freezing bug should probably be re-tested. It's a relatively easy fix if it's still present, though.
<This issue has been fixed.>
Q: What's the character limit on names?
Name length is currently only limited to 20 (I think, just going off memory). Adding a minimum length hadn't been considered, but now that it's been mentioned, sounds like a great idea. Three or four characters will probably be made into a new minimum.
<Minimum length of 3 characters has been added.>
Q: Is there going to be a cash shop and what type of items would we see? (Pills, costumes, etc)
There will be a Cash Shop (beta excluded). I haven't the slightest idea what will be put in there.
Q: Are cash shop items trade-able?
I'm pretty sure all Cash Shop items should / will be tradeable. Building on the gold economy plan.
Q: Is Marriage available? (Gay,Straight & Polygamous?)
Marriage is available in the same sense it has always been. Players may couple, and partying with your couple affects EXP/Ki/Gold. There is no wedding process, though (aside from the scrolling announcement). Couple skills haven't been tested either. Sex can easily be ignored in the system, and probably will be now that it's been brought to attention, but it may be kept the same as it's always been.
<Same-sex couples have been turned down for the sake of preventing excessive couple auras in CV.>

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#323 Abyss Case

Posted by Kanzeon on 11 December 2013 - 01:49 PM

It has been strongly encouraged to leave it out of the game. There was a rather large debate about it in previous versions, too. I know at least Rob and myself were prepared to leave completely if it were kept in.


The topic came up briefly early in this version, and Zolero said he agreed that it shouldn't be added.

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#256 KillingSpree's Introduction

Posted by KillingSpree on 28 November 2013 - 07:58 PM

Hello DareFate community,

                       My name is KillingSpree, and many of you know me as a chaos bow pker, that nobody could kill. Im sorry for pking all of you as it was fun for the moment. I was the leader of the house called Nura, and alot of you know what Nura was capable of doing, and knew us from the events we held. This is a late introduction, but please forgive me. Nura is a fun house that we love everybody to join us because its a fun house with lots of shit talkings(shit talk for fun no insults) and so I created it along with my brothers and we had lots of laughs. Everything that happened in darefate we knew about it before it happened, thats the reason why we was always first on the scene. I know almost about everything about in and out of darefate, so if you need help just contact me on the forums or ingame or on skype. If your getting bullied ingame or anything Nura will protect you free of charge depending on the situation, so you can bet your ass we the best. Im so glad to be back in darefate with my friends, because this is were I belong. I hope we can all be friends besides the battlefields. My name is Jesse, but please call me by my ign, or unless I tell you to call me Jesse.

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#116 Just Wondering

Posted by Kanzeon on 21 November 2013 - 01:37 AM

I feel like 70 or 80 would be the better number considering that's when even the noob of all noobs will have enough natural defense to get away from op dual wielding spearman *cough*


If I couldn't one-hit a level 70 or 80 through just natural defense, I wouldn't deserve to be called OP. xD


On topic: I'm open for suggestions and reasoning for a good level. If nothing convincing shows up, I'll stick with 60.

If it makes you feel better: We have settings available to us that will give PKers much more incentive to attack players of higher levels. I'll leave details to the imagination for now. Maybe they'll come up in other conversations. ;p

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#100 Nura

Posted by Dai on 20 November 2013 - 02:07 PM

Huzzah! more of my favorite people are coming back <3

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